Port of Ashburton Consortium (PAC)

Port of Ashburton Consortium (PAC)

Corporate and Operating Structure

  • CZR, CSL and Strike (SRK) to establish a separate company (PAC SPV) to assess and secure approvals for the construction of an iron ore export facility from the Port of Ashburton, Onslow (POA Facility), only 170km from Robe Mesa.
  • The participating interest, ownership and capital cost contribution of each party in the PAC SPV is:
    • CZR : 50%
    • SRK : 25%
    • CSL : 25%
  • CZR and Strike will have export allocation in the following proportions:
    • CZR : 66.7%
    • SRK : 33.3%
  • PAC is undertaking designs, including road train unloading, storage shed, transhipment vessel (TSV) loader and ancillary fixed and mobile infrastructure prior to submitting a Development Application to the Pilbara Ports Authority.
  • It is proposed that the PAC will charge a take or pay tariff to use the POA Facility.

Landside Infratructure

  • Truck unloader and Storage Shed –12,000t capacity
  • Western Quay conveyor and Transhipment vessel (TSV) loading system
  • Front end loader reclaim system within shed and direct
  • Covered conveyors, dust collectors and water dust suppression
  • Ancillary infrastructure

Transhipment Vessel

  • CSL has a transhipment vessel allocated for PAC – awaiting modifications to allow discharge into cape-size vessels (180kt):
    • 12,000 t payload capacity, 16hr cycle time
    • Continuous under keel clearance – No tide restrictions
    • Dust suppression systems/enclosed conveyors
    • Single point loading system from shed to TSV – 3,500tph
    • Boom to discharge into cape-size vessels at 4,000tph