(CZR 85%)


The Buddadoo project is located close to proposed AVL roasting plant and port of Geraldton and along strike from the high-grade Deflector Gold Mine and 40km west of the Golden Grove copper-gold (VMS) mine.

Geology and Prospectivity

The western portion of the project covers 25 km of strike of under-explored Gullewa Greenstone Belt along the regional Salt Creek Shear.

The Edamurta area in the northern part of the project was explored historically for volcanic-hosted massive sulphide mineralisation, while the Buddadoo area in the south has a 6km long and 300m wide mafic complex with multiple coarse-grained bands of closely spaced vanadium and titanium rich magnetite.

Mineralogical studies of the Buddadoo mafic complex indicate that at a grind-size of 75microns, a high quality vanadium-rich magnetite can be produced.