(CZR 85%)


The Buddadoo project is strategically located 200km east of the port of Geraldton with bitumen road access and is adjacent to the Deflector Mine (Silver Lake Resources) and the 200K0z Melville deposit on Firefly Resources’ tenure to the north.

Geology and Prospectivity

The western portion of the project covers 25 km of strike of under-explored Gullewa Greenstone Belt along the regional Salt Creek Shear.

The Edamurta area in the northern part of the project was explored historically for volcanic-hosted massive sulphide mineralisation, while the Buddadoo area in the south has a 6km long and 300m wide gabbro with multiple coarse-grained bands of closely spaced vanadiferous and titaniferous magnetite.

Mineralogical studies of magnetite the Buddadoo gabbro indicate that at a grind-size of about 45microns, the titaniferous and vanadiferous phases separate to produce a vanadiferous magnetite that is a potential feedstock for direct smelting to steel.

Work Schedule

CZR has exploration is focused on five independently generated targets for orogenic gold mineralisation. The prospects overlie flexures of the Salt Creek shear where much of the bed-rock is obscured by colluvial and alluvial material.

The targets have been covered with gridded soil samples that generated gold and other pathfinder-element anomalism. A 5000m RC drilling programme commenced in mid-2021 but was interrupted by unusually wet weather inand is set to resume when conditions allow.