Shepherd’s Well

Location and Infrastructure

The Shepherd’s Well Project lies adjacent to the North-West Coastal Highway, approximately 75 kilometers south of Karratha. The project tenement (Exploration Licence E08/2361) hosts a 17 kilometre-long section of the crustal-scale Scholl Creek Shear that is prospective for gold and nickel, base metals and Rare Earth Elements in different parts of the shear zone.

Geology and Prospectivity

The project geology is dominated by mylonitic intrusives, volcanics and sediments associated with tectonic activity along the Scholl Creek Shear. To the west of the shear are mafic volcanics and sediments of the Nickol River and Regal Formations. To the east is the Jean Well Granodiorite, overlain in places by volcanics and sediments of the Fortescue Basalt.

Three prospects are currently being explored on E08/2361. Suffolk Prospect in the south is anomalous for base metals, Dorper Prospect in the centre is anomalous for gold and nickel, and Awassi Prospect in the north is anomalous for Rare Earth Metals. Gridded surface sampling and mapping has been undertaken at all three prospects, with RC drilling planned for 2021.